Monday, 2 February 2015

Sweet and Salty

Salted. Caramel. Chocolate. Mudslide. Cupcakes. Seriously. Hands down, these are THE best cupcakes I have ever made...thus far anyways. It starts with a moist chocolate batter with a handful of chocolate chips thrown in, baked until light and fluffy. Then cored and filled with homemade salted caramel, and lastly topped with a buttercream with a hint of the salted caramel flavour coming through. 
These cupcakes definitely hit the spot for a sweet and salty treat and make a perfect compliment to any party. This recipe would even taste great as a regular cake with the salted caramel as the filling! 


These cupcakes were ordered for a gym opening, Shout out to Rise N Grind! Check them out on facebook!
 Mini's and regular were ordered. The mini's would be decorated with orange buttercream to match the gym colours and the large would also be decorated with orange buttercream, but then topped with a fondant cupcake topper representing the gyms logo. 

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