Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Give a dog a bone

Let’s face it, my boy Bentley is probably one of the most handsome dogs you’ve seen...

...and he deserves lots of yummy treats (based purely on his good looks as he is not a good listener)! In reality he doesn’t get a lot of treats, usually it is only once a day at bedtime, but I still wanted to make sure I was giving him something healthy. I put thought and care into the food myself and my husband eats, why wouldn’t I do the same for my dog?

Just before Christmas I started experimenting with some homemade dog treats and had successfully made cheddar cheese biscuits and sweet potato biscuits. Now Bentley would never tell me something didn’t taste good but I do think he enjoyed the cheddar cheese ones best.  We are just about out of those biscuits so I figured I better make some more. I love making new things so I searched for a new recipe.  There is a lady from Australia whose entire YouTube channel is about dogs. How to properly care for them, how to make them food and of course treats. The recipe I settled on was from her. Here is the link to that video!

Peanut butter dog treats…and Bentley loves them!

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